Portland, OR, is known for international food and beverage, fine art in all mediums, music of all genres, and a oneness with nature. Some say Portland is weird (some want to keep it wierd). I’d say it has a certain charm that I have come to love. Portland is where I call home.

During my seven years here, I have worked in hospitality. My favorite aspect of my job was sharing the best of Portland with my guests. I always enjoyed hearing the story of their explorations upon their return to the hotel.  My last position was eliminated, and I was unemployed for several months.  I realized I didn’t have any hobbies other than eating and drinking (that’s easy to do living in Portland HA!). That is when I decided to create this website and podcast.

I have listened to podcasts about creating podcasts and websites, read books, and bought hardware to create my podcast. As I have no formal training, creating this website and podcast is a journey itself.  I am extremely excited about that journey.

Even though I am once again employed in hospitality, I will continually focus on this website and podcast.  I am excited about this journey to broaden my knowledge and share it with visitors, newbies, and those curious about Portland. As time passes, I will learn more about the process of podcasting and website design.  In turn, formats might change with time.  I ask for your support and patience, as you, the reader and listener, follow me on this journey to bring you what makes Portland, Portland!!

Thank you in advance for your support.

Jesse Warmath

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