This site brings you weekly updates of interest for the Portland, OR Metro area! Browse at your leisure, and listen to the podcast too!!  All pages can be translated by the google translate widget at the bottom of the page.

To help travelers, new locals, and curious browsers–Portland, OR is separated into quadrants-SW, NW, N, NE, SE, and E.  West and East are separated by the Willamette River, and North and South are separated by Burnside Street.  The quadrants are further separated into neighborhoods/districts, but for now, I will keep it simple.  The business’s address will have a prefix belonging to one of the quadrants. The numbered Avenues run North & South, and named streets run East & West. There are a few exceptions, however, the majority follow this design. Official “downtown” Portland is situated in the SW quadrant.


As for this site, I have organized it as follows.

  • Palate=Restaurants
  • Potions=Bars/Breweries, etc.
  • Provisions=Shopping
  • Productions=Events/Festivals/Music/Theater, etc.
  • Panoramas=Views/Nature/Historical Sites